Remembrance Day 2014

Memoirs: 1979 Tornado
A video by Carla Garrett, EZT

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Mike Foster, Kendra Lange and Josh Kenyon

CABINET CRAFTSMAN: Mike Foster of Selective Cabinets in his Tavistock showroom with designer Kendra Lange and woodworker Josh Kenyon. For the whole story and more photos, pick up a newspaper at your local retailer or at the Gazette office - or better yet - subscribe for just $42 a year - and save $19.25 off the counter price. (Photo by Bill Gladding/Tavistock Gazette)

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  • Sauerkraut Supper successful
  • Ministerial letter: A time to be silent and a time to speak
  • Zehr Optimists: Three generations of service
  • The Departed: Melissa Martin, Helen Mogk
  • Go Girls mentoring at TPS
  • 4-H Focus on Fun
  • Shakespeare Opti-Mrs celebrate 40 years
  • The Gazette made it to France
  • Wedding: Andrea Halliday and Peter Jutzi
  • Scotiabank: Children's Aid needs your help
  • Royals dump Drives 7-2
  • Braves tie Norwich 0-0, humbled by Navy Vets 6-2
  • Tavistock Minor Hockey Reports

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