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Kyle and brian Wilhelm

COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS: Kyle and Brian Wilhelm are selling homes in Tavistock’s newest subdivision, The Ponds, off Centennial Drive. For the whole story and more photos, pick up a newspaper at your local retailer or at the Gazette office - or better yet - subscribe for just $43 a year - and save $18.25 off the counter price. (Photo by Bill Gladding / Tavistock Gazette)

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Other stories in this week's edition:
  • Artist's apprentices: Peggy Jantzi
  • Graduations: Laura Lytwynec, Paul Lytwynec, Larissa Brodrecht
  • Birth: Jacob Adam and Kaylea Sarah Kropf, Reid Allan Kalbfleisch
  • Men's Club hears from their own: Doug Sparling
  • War of 1812: Veteran honoured (Isaac Osborn)
  • Juniors headed to Canadians
  • Summer camp brings kids together (Camp Alliwannado)
  • S.T. Loveys buildings demolished in Hickson
  • East Zorra-Tavistock Council July 2 meeting
  • House demolition: former Bonnie Brae site

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