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Clarence Herlick, Daryl Herlick, Murray Schlotzhauer
(Photo by Bill Gladding / Tavistock Gazette) 

PULLING TOGETHER: South Easthope Tug-O-War members past and present, Clarence Herlick, Daryl Herlick and Murray Schlotzhauer. For the whole story, pick up a newspaper at your local Tavistock retailer or at the Gazette office - or better yet - subscribe for just $45 a year - and save $16.25 off the counter price.

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  • Canada's Outdoor Farm Show one of the best
  • Gold skaters honoured
  • Letter: Beware of a thief in your house
  • Opti-Mrs support school playground
  • Princess Elizabeth W.I. retains executive
  • Rotary distributes dictionaries to schools
  • OPP warns of dangerous acts
  • Musical Moments students compete
  • Doing the Croki-Shuffle
  • Spring Draining
  • Signs go up downtown (Hardware-Hasty Market)
  • Tavistock School plans 50th birthday
  • Gazette around the globe: On top of Whistler
  • A trip down memory lane: April 20, 1988
        - Tavistock School Kindergarten Crafts

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