Report 2003


As we are all aware, we (the people of East Zorra-Tavistock and its elected representative) are being asked to agree/consider relinquishing some of our prime agricultural land, in order for Woodstock to grow its urban boundaries.

Southwestern Ontario has some of the most productive farmland in Canada (as evidenced by the increasing $ per acre value). As elected stewards of this land I believe, as they say, “the buck stops with us”. Farmland needs to be preserved and in food production for our great grandchildren and their grandchildren. I also believe that this needs to be a joint effort, not only from local councils, but also with the farmers them-selves (as pointed out in the Introduction of the Protecting Farmland report 2003) and others involved with planning. I encourage all of you to read this report and I will also be trying to get more current info/statistics. This will provide us with a more fullsome (public) discussion.

Shirley Hanlon, Councillor, Ward 1

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