Fact & Fantasy: A History of Tavistock & District Foreword - Page 2

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This book was planned as a Centennial Project to give a picture of Tavistock and District, a picture of its people in the past and in the present, a picture of its buildings and activities, to provide a record of businesses that have vanished or still endure, a record of its early promise and the present plateau of economic and cultural growth, on which its future may rise.

For this reason we have limited our scope to the people and places within our borders; we have not included the many men and women who have sought a wider fields and brought honour to the place of their birth. Such are legion. But since they have had no direct part in the growth of our community, the Committee thought it best to omit this important group of Tavistonians, since space had to be conserved.

Our thanks are directed to the many friends and organizations who have contributed ideas, pictures, papers and articles to aid in this publication, on the understanding that all such were subject to the direction of the Editor for alteration, deletion or augmentation. Special thanks go to Mrs. Bruce (Janet) Halliday for proof-reading and suggestions. And to the management and staff of the Haynes Printing Company Ltd. for their patience and professional guidance.

Sources of Information

    History of Perth County, 1825-1902 - Johnston
    Sutherland's Gazeteer of 1867
    Atlas of Perth County - Belden - 1879
    Atlas of Oxford County - Walker & Miles - 1876
    Tweedsmuir History - Women's Institutes - Tavistock, Athlone, Anna P. Lewis
    The Tavistock Gazette files
    Minutes of Municipal Councils of Tavistock

Centennial Book Committee

    Chariman: Dr. Bruce Halliday
    Members: Henry Hallam, secretary; L. Howard Zimmerman, treasurer;
    James H. Francis, Eric G. Loveys, C. J. Seltzer, Dr. Dick Tenbergen

(Many of the photographs on this web site have been acquired from The Lemp Studio Collection, created through the wishes of Mr. Seltzer following his death in 1977. The collection is part of the Tavistock and District Historical Society's Museum and Archives. The original glass negatives have been scanned and these images replace those photographs in the book whose original files were of poor quality or had been taken from printed publications - the only source at the time.)

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