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from The Tavistock Gazette - Thursday, October 12, 1911
No Wildcatting: Swastika Camp to be built on a firm foundation
SWASTIKA, Ont. Oct. 9 ­ Feline monstrosities of the mining stripe have not entered the Swastika camp, and consequently every move in the mine development line is more with a view of honest work in proving up ore bodies. The Swastika mining basis will remain at the present high standard, too, if the local mine men's association's efforts are not thwarted. They are determined to have a producing camp, and, while the work is being accomplished, the truly speculative element will not be catered to. The mine owners are bound to build the camp on working lines with all inflation consigned to an innocuous disentude, whenever "get rich quick" means are employed. The camp is growing; prospectors are the life of the two at present, while a dozen prospective mines are developing.
The Traders Bank opened a branch here to-day, a very much needed business institution.
Pike Lake mines started a core drill to cut their big lead at the 100 foot depth.

from The Tavistock Gazette - Thursday, October 19, 1911
Swastika Booming
Last week a party composed of Dr. M. Steele and Mr. A. T. Bell, of Tavistock, the Consulting Engineer and other directors of the Swastika Mining Co., took a trip up to that country to look over the property. They found the new plant which had been put in at a cost of over $25,000 in working order. The old buildings have been replaced with new and more up-date ones ­ a power house, a machine shop, a bunk-house which will accommodate 60 men, and an up-to-date office. A new 3-compartment shaft has just been completed to the 200-foot level, and sixty men are employed with Capt. John Reddington as manager. The new town of Swastika has been booming this summer. The first building was erected last May, and now there is a town of 400 people, with at least 1000 more scattered through the bush within a few miles of the place. There are a post office, a telegraph office, a bank, and fifty other business places. Many properties are being developed near Swastika, and while the camp is not so large in area as Porcupine, there is every indication that it will be quite as rich. The whole north country is attracting a good deal of attention at present, many farmers are going in, and probably in no part of Ontario are there such good prospects for new settlers on farm lands making money.

from The Tavistock Gazette - Thursday, December 14, 1911
The Cobalt Daily Nugget of Dec. 5 has the following of local interest: "Dr. M. Steele, M.P. for South Perth, spent the week-end at the Swastika mine, of which he is president. The doctor returned south Sunday night. Speaking of the mine Dr. Steele is very optimistic. The main shaft is now down 245 feet and in the course of a few weeks the station on the 300-foot level will be cut, when considerable development work will be accomplished on that level. The new plant is working satisfactorily and it is expected that with the increased number of drills working on the lower levels, some new veins will be opened out during the winter months. No mention has been made by the directors as to the establishment of another larger mill on the property.

Courtesy of the Museum of Northern History, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

Excerpts from the
Compiled, printed and published by Northern Miner Press Limited

Page 238
Cheltonia Kirkland Gold Mines Ltd.
Succ by Cheltonia-Swastika Mines Ltd.

Page 238
Cheltonia Kirkland Mines Ltd.
Succ by Cheltonia Kirkland Gold Mines Ltd.

Page 238
Cheltonia-Swastika Mines Ltd.
Prop seized for taxes.

Page 245
Crescent Kirk GML
Sold assets to Golden Gate M'g Co L for 500,000 shs, pooled.

Page 262
Golden Gate M'g Co L
Nov. '46, name changed to Kirkland Golden Gate ML, 1 n sh iss for 2 o shs. Tr Ag: Crown Trust Company, Toronto

Page 334
Swastika GML
Renamed Teckotto GML

Page 334
Swastika Kirkland GML

Page 334
Swastika Kirkland ML
Succ by Cheltonia Swastika Mines Ltd, sh-for-sh

Page 334
Swastika M'g Co L
Prop to Teckotto GML, no equity

Page 335
Teckotto GML
Prop acq by Crescent Kirkland GML for cash; chart surr.


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